MOE Scholarships: Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: only persons with the right to be Caymanian can apply. See the link to  Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC) for clarification

1.  How do I apply for a local or overseas Government Educational scholarship?

You can apply for a local or overseas scholarship by going to the Scholarship webpage at The entire application process is online and you will be required to complete an online application together with uploading other supporting documentation. You should use the guidance notes available on the website or contact the Scholarship Secretariat for guidance by email: or 345-244-2482.

2.  What are the academic criteria required to qualify for a Government Educational Scholarship?

The academic criteria for the various local and overseas scholarships are provided on the website. The overseas academic criteria are each listed as standalone documents for each scholarship while the local academic criteria are included in the specific application forms. Additional information is also available in the guidance notes in the relevant sections.

 3. Is there a minimum and maximum age requirement for a scholarship?

There is a minimum age requirement where all applicants must be at least 17 years old by September 1st at the start of their studies. There is no maximum age restriction.

 4. I don’t have my final results yet. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

Yes, you can and should apply for the scholarship – both local and overseas while you await your final examinations and final results. You can be conditionally approved pending final results. If you have any questions about this please contact the Scholarship Secretariat at email:

5.  What are the deadlines for the submission of application forms?

The Overseas scholarship application period is 15th Nov – 31st Jan annually. The Local Scholarship application period is 1st March – 30th April annually.

6.  Am I able to apply for a scholarship to pursue online studies?

Yes, the Government Educational Scholarships are available to pursue online studies at the local undergraduate level at ICCI and the UWI Open Campus. Online study with an overseas institution is only available at the post-graduate degree level (i.e. Masters level or higher). Please note: you do not have to complete a medical if you are doing postgraduate studies online.

7.  What does the scholarship funding cover if I study online?

If studying fully online, scholarship funding is only available for tuition and books. No accommodations or living costs are covered.

8. Does my acceptance at a local or overseas institution guarantee the award of a scholarship?

No, acceptance into a university locally or overseas does not guarantee the award of a scholarship. It forms part of the requirements but other criteria must also be met including but not limited to academics. If you are in doubt please contact the Scholarship Secretariat at email:

 9. What do I have to do to maintain my local or overseas scholarship?

Both local and overseas undergraduate scholarship recipients are required to achieve a semester GPA of 2.75 (US) / 2:2 (UK) or higher during their first year of studies whether locally or overseas and a semester GPA of 3.0 (US) / 2:1 (UK) or higher during subsequent years of study. Post-graduate scholarship recipients are to achieve a semester GPA of 3.0 (US) / 2:1 (UK) throughout their studies. A’ Level students are required to achieve grades C, C, C in 3 out of 4 AS subjects taken in the 1st year to continue funding into their 2nd year of studies.

10. Are scholarship opportunities available to persons who have Special Education Needs and wish to pursue tertiary education?

There are provisions available to accommodate high school graduates with Special Education Needs and applicants are encouraged to communicate with the Secretariat about these opportunities (email:

11. Are there special considerations for student athletes who represent the Cayman Islands?

Yes, students who continue their athletic training while on scholarship can qualify for adjusted academic requirements as long as they provide ongoing proof of their athlete status. For further details email:

12. Is career and tertiary education guidance available to me if I am unsure of the post-secondary opportunities available to me?

Yes, the Scholarship Secretariat does offer career and tertiary education guidance to anyone needing assistance. Continued support is offered to scholarship awardees during their post-secondary and tertiary experience. To set up an appointment, send an email with particulars to

13. Are local and overseas scholarship opportunities available to mature candidates?             

Yes, both local and overseas scholarship opportunities are available to mature persons who are encourage to contact the Scholarship Secretariat by email:

14. Can I be approved to pursue a foundation year at the beginning of my course of study?

The Government Educational Scholarship does not fund the foundation year as this year does not contribute to the degree. It is a pre-qualification year that, on completion, allows the student to gain acceptance to Year 1 of the degree programme. If you have further questions on this, email:

 15. How much is the overseas scholarship award? 

Overseas undergraduate studies are funded up to $30,000 KYD per annum for up to four years. Overseas postgraduate studies are funded up to $35,000 KYD per annum for up to two years for masters studies, and up to three years for doctoral studies. Funds are disbursed to the student in two equal payments – Fall (August/September) and Spring (December/January) for on campus studies. Different protocols apply for online studies. For specific situations, email:

16. How much is the local scholarship award?

Local scholarship amount varies per scholarship, per level, and per institution. You can email to receive information specific to the area of interest. However, the funds are paid to the institutions directly and not to the individual students.

17. Can I receive a scholarship for another degree at the same level?

No, scholarships are not approved for persons at the same level of study that they have already attained, whether or not the qualifications were funded by the Cayman Islands Government. 

 18. Can I defer my studies?

Yes, you can defer your studies for up to one year from the scholarship award. If you are already enrolled in the course of study, you must provide approval from the institution and as well as an explanation with supporting documentation for your decision to defer.

19. Who approves the application for the Government Educational Scholarship?

The Education Council who is appointed by the Minister of Education, reviews, approves or declines all applications against the criteria outlined in the Education Council Policy & Procedures Guide.

20. Am I expected to return to the Cayman Islands when I have completed my studies?

Yes, your scholarship award includes an agreement that you are bonded to return to the Cayman Islands for the length of time of the scholarship award. Failure to do so can result in the request for repayment of the full sums awarded. You can request to defer your bond for up to three years from completion – this will need to be approved by Education Council.

21.  What can I do as an applicant to help the process run as smoothly and quickly as possible?

You can ensure that you complete the application as directed and that you provide all required documents including updated information in a timely fashion during all aspects of the scholarship from applying for to maintaining your scholarship.

For further information contact the Scholarship Secretariat by telephone: 244-2482 or by email: